The brand



What if it was possible to crystallize an emotion? To enhance a memory and make it a timeless piece.

Joubert places emotion at the heart of its concept by allowing the transformation of a sports jersey, a mere item of clothing, into a luxury leather good.

Rather than cramming our memories into a closet, it is now possible to proudly wear what has forged part of our identity, whether as a player or as a supporter.

Our pieces showcase your personality, by reusing the textiles that have accompanied you.

Our products are completely covered in one and the same jersey. The offcuts can be used to make an additional kit. The design of the bag was thought to highlight the passion of its owner, while keeping the chic of a premium piece with impeccable finishes.


JOUBERT is a brand born in Paris in 2016. Its assumed high-end positioning is justified by artisanal manufacturing by experienced professionals as well as through a choice of noble material and a high degree of finish.

For 4 years, designer Franck Joubert and his team have carried out many tests in order to design the bag that will fit any style (casual, business, sport, street).

The first challenge was to transform a football jersey into a piece of premium leather goods, which can be worn easily. Any supporter could thus wear the colors of his favorite club on a daily basis.